Can I add documents or photos?

Yes! You can upload just about any file type including images. TeamData provides 50MB of free file storage per account.

Keep track of and securely store and share important documents by uploading files or images to your TeamData account. TeamData protects your files the same way it protects your sensitive data at rest-- with 256-bit AES encryption and RSA 2048 asymmetric key encryption.

Web or browser extension 

  • Open the Bundle and click the  button
  • Use the drop down arrow next to the Data Bit you want to attach a file too
  • Click 'Add a file' from the drop down menu to choose a file to upload
  • Click 'Save'


  • Open the Data Bit you want to attach or upload a file to (NOTE: You can not attach files from a Bundle view on mobile yet but stay tuned for updates!)
  • Press 'take a new photo' to take a picture from your phone & upload


  • Press 'attach a picture' to upload a picture from your photos or files

If you need more space for file storage, you can connect your account to Dropbox, which offers free accounts to start.




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