Can I also use TeamData for private data outside of work?

Yes. The product was designed to allow you to manage the data you need in all aspects of your life. Neither the company nor other employees can view data you do not explicitly share with them.

In the free version, it makes sense to set up your own TeamData account if you also created the central office or team account. Just remember you will need to log out and log back in to switch between your individual and central office account.

In the premium TeamData for Business version, you can easily toggle between individual and company accounts. There are also admin controls that ensure all company data is protected and backed up.

For security reasons, you cannot use an email that is already in use. If you want to use the email you used to create the central account, add another email to the central account (in settings), select it as primary, and delete the email you want to use before adding it to the new account.

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