How do I use TeamData in the office?

The same way we do in our offices -- to save time and increase productivity!

For example, our office manager is responsible for data used by all employees, like alarm codes, health insurance info, and guest wi-fi. Meanwhile, smaller teams within Personal use TeamData to manage different info, such as third-party application logins.

We see deep collaboration between administrative assistants and those they support, where literally hundreds of fields of data might be co-managed. For example, TeamData is great for booking travel, when you consider the amount of info that needs to be managed and used -- passport info, passwords, travel rewards numbers, credit cards, Global Entry, etc.

Click here to watch a short video on how to setup a Team account for your team or office. 

Read more about how to use TeamData with your team on our website or see our premium business solutions for your employees, customers and prospects.



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