Step 1 – Create a central account for your team

If you are the first person in your office or on your team to sign up for TeamData, it helps to create a central office account or role-based account for organizing and sharing data that others in the office will also need.

You can still create your own TeamData account after you’re done setting up this one, or skip altogether if your team is just a person or two.

Use whatever email you like to register – you can add another email and delete that one later. But make sure to choose a username that is similar to the company, team or role for the account. Usernames must be unique in TeamData for security reasons and cannot be changed.

Then add an avatar (account photo) and a name that will be visible to those you invite and collaborate with (e.g. Company HQ, Team Name, Admin or Office Manager). Names do not have to be unique and can be changed.



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